Welcome to the Tiffin Travelers

The Tiffin Travelers is for owners of Tiffin Motorhomes and is a chapter of the Family Motor Coach Association.   We've been "Roughing It Smoothly" since 2009 and have more than 170 member coaches throughout North America.  We're looking forward to meeting you at our next Tiffin Travelers rally or gathering!  

Our chapter is not constrained by geographic regions. We will have rallies wherever our members want to convene for rallies. And, we show up at Allegro Club Rallies and FMCA Area Rallies and FMCA National Conventions. We have held our chapter rallies in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Florida...just to name a few. Our chapter rally locations and frequencies are dependent only upon the suggestions and participation of our members. If you want to rally with our chapter members, name the spot and we'll look into the planning, or we'll help you plan it. We have members with lots of experience doing long-distance event planning. 

What we do, when we do it, and where we do it are each limited only by the creativity, wanderlust and participation of our members.

Links to Membership Application and a Brief Introduction to Tiffin Travelers are at the bottom of this page. To open the documents, you may be asked to "Open this content in a new window."

Regarding annual dues:  Dues renewals are payable annually on January 1st. (New members joining between September 1st and December 31st are considered "paid" for the coming calendar year.) A series of renewal reminder emails is sent to all members beginning in December, and continues through March to only those members remaining in arrears. Members unpaid at month-end March are subsequently deleted from the roster and all future correspondence.

As a result of a membership vote to "forgive 2017 dues for all members in good standing on/9/1/16", all members on the active roster on December 16, 2016 are considered paid in full for the calendar year 2017. This is explained in detail in the December 16, 2016 Newsletter.  

To aid our members in being up to date on chapter happenings:  If we are doing it, it can be found on this web site.  Pages found using links on the left side of this home page were last updated as indicated here.  If you see a link noted here as "last updated" since you last looked, click on that link now to get current. 
    Newsletters - Last updated 3/27/17 (March 2017 Newsletter)
    Rallies and Gatherings - Last updated 3/27/17. Rally subpage links last updated 2/27/17.
    Meeting Minutes - Last updated 3/27/17 (February 22, 2017 Minutes)
    Chapter Bylaws - Last updated 3/17/16 (Revised Bylaws)
    Standing Rules - Last updated 3/17/16
    Rally Archives and Rally Guide - Last updated 2/27/17 (Lazydays Rally moved to here)
    Factory Recalls - Last updated 2/27/17
    Tiffin Travelers Names Badges and Clothing - Last updated 10/4/16
    Club pictures - Last updated 3/3/17

Club Officers Elected February 22, 2017
President -  Frances Fonner, (904) 825-8624, tomfonner@aol.com
Vice President - Tom Gulya
Secretary - Carol Mandik
Treasurer - Tom Fonner
FMCA Delegate - Marge Mazzone
FMCA Alternate Delegate - Nick Paul

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