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Rallies and Gatherings

Event information on this page was last updated 3/12/18.
Tiffin Travelers Rallies and Gatherings:
Rallies - Tiffin Travelers have rallies numerous times a year in various locations throughout the country.  We are not bounded by geographic regions.  We go where our members want to go, and our members are spread far and wide.  Rallies are most often organized by Tiffin Travelers for our members, prospective members and guests.  These rallies often have planned outings, dinners and other activities for our members. 

Gatherings - It is also common for Tiffin Travelers to meet and camp "together" at an event such as a national or regional Family Motor Coach Association rally.  The "together" part can be tricky due to large events offering several different parking options for our members (handicap, volunteer, electric, generator, etc.), but we convene for fun regardless of how our coaches might be spread about the grounds.

Tiffin owners who would like to be "Roughing It Smoothly" with us are encouraged to come and visit with us.

The 2017 Rallies and Gatherings information has been moved from this page and archived.  2017 Rallies were held in Tampa, Florida and in Georgetown, Kentucky and in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  Thank you to those rally hosts for stepping up to help spread the enjoyment for the many who attended.  2017 Gatherings were organized at FMCA SEA Lakeland, FL and Allegro Club National in Lewisburg, WV and FMCA National in Indianapolis, IN and FMCA GEAR in Lewisburg, WV.

Tiffin Traveler events on the 2018 drawing board:
  • Rally - We kick off our rally year on April 1, 2018.  This is the first night of our spring rally to be hosted by Linda and Dave Spindell; Frances and Clay Croom; and, Marty and Bob Whitney at Florida Grande Motorcoach Resort in Webster, Florida.   This date will give our snowbird members the opportunity to enjoy the southern climate and fellowship with our area-resident members before migration to the northern climates.   Call now to reserve your site.  Reservation information can be found by clicking on the link near the top or bottom of this page.  A tentative agenda can also be found at the link.  Our required annual business meeting will occur at this rally.  This rally is open to our chapter members and also to other Tiffin coach owners who are members of FMCA.
  • Gathering -  May 14 is the first night of the four-night Tiffin Allegro Club (national) rally in Goshen, Indiana.    The  following web address describes the rally that is sold out.   https://tiffinsideroads.com/2017/12/11/tiffin-allegro-club-2018-summer-rally/     There may be opportunity to be put on their wait list.   For those lucky to reserve for the event, we will have several of our chapter officers in attendance and will attempt to put together a chapter social.  Information will not be updated here until early April.  Stay tuned.  As to parking together as a chapter, here is the official word from the Allegro Club's confirmation document:    "If you wish to park with someone or with your local chapter, you MUST ENTER THE FAIRGROUNDS TOGETHER.  There are no “assigned sites”.  Coaches will be parked as they enter the gate."    This is Standard Operating Procedure for these and FMCA Area and National events.   In early April  we will post here any updates as to whether there will be opportunity for staging in a holding area to enter the grounds together.
  • Rally - May 20, 2018 is the first night of a two stop "rovin' rally" to be hosted by Ann and Nick Paul.  The event will have the first five nights at American Heritage RV Park in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Then, on May 25th, the attendees will move their coaches to OBX Campground in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina for five nights.  You can opt to reserve a site at one or both of the parks.  Rally and reservations information can be found at the links near the top and bottom of this page.  This is the start of seasonal vacations on the coast (Memorial Day), so don't delay making reservations for your site.  Information will be updated as it becomes available and will reflect the group activities opportunities in these two historic areas.    Stay tuned.  Because this immediately follows the Goshen Allegro Rally, several of our member coaches will transit together from Goshen to Williamsburg.
  • Rally - The Tiffin Travelers End of Summer Rally for 2018 is already on the board.  Hearthside Grove Motorcoach Resort in Petoskey, Michigan will be the site of the chapter's 5-night rally beginning September 17, 2018.   Ross and Mary Halbleib will be your hosts for this event.  Rally and reservation information can be found at the links near the top and bottom of this page.   Information will be updated throughout 2018 as the agenda develops.
  • Rally - St. Augustine, Florida will be the site of the holiday and end-of-year rally.  Frances and Tom Fonner will host this event.  The details (including site rates) are in discussion with the rv park, but the event is confirmed to begin December 5, 2018.  Pencil it as a placeholder on your calendar and stay tuned.  It will be beautiful in the "Nation's Oldest City", as it will be lit for its annual "Holiday Nights of Lights".   RV sites are in demand here at this time of year, so reservations will be limited to only our chapter members and there will be an early deadline to reserve and receive the rally's discounted rate.  Rally reservation information will be posted here when it is available to us, and all members will receive an email notification that the reservation period has begun.  

If any member is interested in hosting a rally in 2018 or 2019, it is never too early to set those dates.  Contact chapter officers by email at tiffintravelers@gmail.com 

Many, many thanks are extended to the chapter members and friends stepping forward to host our rallies.   Check back periodically for updates.