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Rallies and Gatherings

Event information on this page was last updated 1/15/19
Tiffin Travelers Rallies and Gatherings:
Rallies - Tiffin Travelers have rallies numerous times a year in various locations throughout the country.  We are not bounded by geographic regions.  We go where our members want to go, and our members are spread far and wide.  Rallies are most often organized by Tiffin Travelers for our members, prospective members and guests.  These rallies often have planned outings, dinners and other activities for our members. 

Gatherings - It is also common for Tiffin Travelers to meet and camp "together" at an event such as a National or Area Family Motor Coach Association rally.  The "together" part can be tricky due to large events offering several different parking options for our members (handicap, volunteer, electric, generator, etc.), but we convene for fun regardless of how our coaches might be spread about the grounds.

Tiffin owners who would like to be "Roughing It Smoothly" with us are encouraged to come and visit with us.

The 2017 and 2018 Rallies and Gatherings information has been moved from this page and archived.  During that timeframe, rallies were held in Tampa/Seffner, Florida; Georgetown, Kentucky; Hilton Head, South Carolina; Webster, Florida; Williamsburg, VA; Kill Devil Hills, NC; and, St. Augustine, FL. Thank you to those rally hosts for stepping up to help spread the enjoyment for the many who attended.  2017-2018 Gatherings were organized at FMCA SEA Lakeland, FL; Allegro Club National in Lewisburg, WV;  FMCA National in Indianapolis, IN; FMCA GEAR in Lewisburg, WV; FMCA GEAR in York, PA; and, Allegro Club National in Goshen, IN.

Because we have so many members and friends, we have a friendly rule for all of our events:  Wear a name tag to all of our functions or incur a 50cent fine for each infraction.  The sheriff is always on the lookout.  

Tiffin Traveler events on the 2018 and 2019 drawing board: Note - All 3 rallies posted for 2019 are fully booked as of 1/15/19. 

Rally - Lazydays RV Park in Seffner, Florida will be the site of a chapter-members-only rally.  Four rally nights beginning January 30, 2019.  This event is timed to be in advance of the FMCA Southeastern Area rally (SEA).  Deadline to reserve for the chapter rally was November 15th.   If you did not get the 11/30 email requesting the prepayment, or if you have not remitted the prepayment to the rally hosts, you are not included in the rally.   Information and instructions can be found by clicking on the "Lazydays January 2019" link above or below.

Gathering -  February 6, 2019 is the first official night of FMCA Southeastern Area rally to be held in Lakeland, FL.  SEA "Smile Again at Lakeland in 2019" is 4 nights of camping at Sun 'n Fun Expo Center.  Register online at   https://site.fmca.com/fmca-event-registration There is a spot on the registration form to mark if you would like to volunteer.  Volunteers will arrive early, March 4th.   

After you have registered for SEA, send an email to tiffintravelers@gmail.com, so that we can include you in any social activities we develop.  Additionally, but not required... We will attempt forming a caravan(s) for our group to assemble together and park together at SEA.   Knowing the type of hook-up you requested and your arrival date is imperative to the caravan process because different hook-ups require us to create a caravan group for each type....your coach moves together and parks together with those of similar hook-ups and same arrival dates.  And, each caravan will have early assembly in a holding area (date TBD) to prep for movement onto the rally grounds.  If you wish to caravan and park together with other members of Tiffin Travelers, include answers to these three questions when you send the above email to tiffintravelers@gmail.com:  Do you want to caravan with other chapter members y/n?  Did you request to volunteer y/n?  What type of hookup did you register for (such as generator, electric, full, volunteer, volunteer electric, handicap, etc.)?   Update:  As of January 6th, only 8 coaches replied they are attending (although we are positive there will be numerous others of our members there).  Of those 8, only the 3 chapter officer volunteers have similar arrival dates and parking hook-ups to allow caravanning.  So, no caravanning is being planned for the others. 

Rally - Twin Oaks RV Park in Elko, Georgia will be the site of a chapter pre rally for FMCA International in Perry.   Three rally nights beginning March 7, 2019.    The timing of this coincides with the need for our chapter members volunteering at FMCA Perry to arrive early on the Perry grounds.  Deadline to reserve for the chapter rally was set as February 1, 2019, but all rally sites filled by January 15th.  Rally information can be found by clicking on the "Twin Oaks March 2019/Perry pre-rally" link above or below. 

Gathering - March 13, 2019 is the first official night of FMCA 99th International Convention and RV Expo to be held in Perry, GA. Register online at   https://site.fmca.com/fmca-event-registration There is a spot on the registration form to mark if you would like to volunteer.  Volunteers will arrive early with entry date dependent upon the volunteer activity you select.  If you register for 30-amp general parking ($185 additional fee), and you volunteer for an activity designated to arrive on March 10, and you wish to do so, there is a spot to designate "Tiffin Travelers" as the chapter you would like to caravan-in-and-park-together-with.   The caravan-and-park-together feature being coordinated for our chapter for this event is only applicable if you select the 30-amp option and you select a volunteer activity that enters on March 10.
To be included in the caravan feature, email us at tiffintravelers@gmail.com and confirm you are set with the aforementioned entry requirements.  

If you have registered to attend Perry but won't be in the caravan feature, tell us so by email to tiffintravelers@gmail.com so that we can include you in the social activities we will organize.   Mark your calendar for Thursday afternoon chapter social under the auspices of the "Block Party".  As soon as we know our social location, we will email you if we know in advance you are attending the Perry Convention.  Our chapter will also be participating in the Wednesday morning Chapter Fair in Reaves Arena.

Rally - The Cajun Palms RV Resort in Henderson, LA will be the site of our 5-night chapter rally hosted by our members Charles and Mona Trahan.  The rally begins on October 8, 2019.   As of January 10th, 2019 this rally is fully booked.  To get on a wait list with the hosts, see info at the above or below link for this rally. Do not contact the RV park.

If any member is interested in hosting a rally in 2019 or 2020, it is never too early to set those dates.  Contact chapter officers by email at tiffintravelers@gmail.com 

Many, many thanks are extended to the chapter members and friends stepping forward to host our rallies.   Check back periodically for updates.