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Twin Oaks March 2019/Perry pre-rally

This page last updated 6/15/18

Tiffin Travelers Rally, a pre-rally for FMCA National in Perry

 Twin Oaks RV Park

305 Highway 26 East, Elko, Georgia (MM 127 on I-75, 8 miles south of Perry)

3 nights beginning March 7, 2019   Chapter member site rate is $25 per night

Extended stay nights, if available are at a higher rate.

 The reservation deadline is February 1, 2019. 

 This location and its date is a perfect setting for our chapter members planning to volunteer at FMCA National in Perry.  The departure date of our rally will coincide with the early arrival date needed by FMCA volunteers.    Those not planning to volunteer at Perry should request one or two additional nights at the park.

Call 478-987-9361 to reserve your site.  Mention "Tiffin Travelers Rally".   
Then, send an email to: tiffintravelers@gmail.com so the hosts will now you are coming.
  Your hosts for this rally are Frances and Tom Fonner.

Registered attendees will be emailed in advance of the rally and will also be notified if there are necessary prepayments. All attending member coaches will receive up to $10 per coach credit toward the rally fee (amount yet to be determined)

Again, we are striving to do a keep-it-simple event.   All attending members are encouraged to offer activity suggestions to the hosts, via the tiffintravelers@gmail.com address.  Any activities that develop will be posted to this page.  

The hosts have previously offered unique and (reportedly) very enjoyable activities and experiences at the numerous rallies they have hosted.   We fear our chapter's previous great rallies have intimidated prospective hosts, and we want to do a keep-it-simple event to show it can be done and is equally fun.  Maybe we can have other members step up to host a similar keep-it-simple rally at an RV park they are fond of.  The more opportunities we have for friends to gather and socialize in their pretty Tiffins, the better.   

How to do a keep-it-simple:
Identify a location you like which has sites big enough for Tiffins; has a covered pavilion or meeting room; and, has 15 or more sites available.  Check.
Confirm the date and availability with the location. Check.
Confirm the site rate($), reservation  phone number and/or contact name, and set cutoff date for reservations.  Check
Share the information with the chapter leadership (by phone or email) in order to ensure the calendar is clear. Check
Chapter leadership publishes rally information on web site. Check
Essential elements are attendees, afternoon socials and food.  Off site activities are nice fluff. Check.
As the planning develops, work with chapter leadership for guidance, assistance and communications.  In progress.