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Standing Rules

Initiation and Membership Reinstatement Fee

03/17/2016 - The initiation fee for new members is $10.  If a member requests to withdraw or fails to submit renewal dues, a separate $10 fee will be assessed for reinstatement if more than two years has passed since the date of the member's request to withdraw, or, if more than two years has passed since the last non-payment of the January 1 membership renewal dues.

Financial Assistance for Attending National Convention

9/25/2014 - Either the National Director or the Alternate National Director or the Designee for the aforementioned will receive a disbursement from the club’s treasury for the purpose of their attendance at the Annual Business Meeting at the FMCA National Convention and carrying out their duties as Delegate of the Tiffin Travelers.    The amount of the disbursement will be determined by the Convention’s location relative to the U.S. Time Zones.  

  • Eastern Time Zone Convention equals $100.  
  • Central Time Zone Convention equals $200. 
  • Mountain Time Zone Convention equals $300.  
  • Pacific Time Zone Convention equals $400.  

Rally Host Duties and Pre-Authorized Club Expenses
9/25/2014 - Rally Hosts are tasked and authorized to identify a single organization in or nearby the community of the rally site for the purpose of the Club Treasury issuing a charitable donation in the amount of $100.  For the intended purpose of keeping the donation contained within the community as much as possible,  the approved list of potential recipients would be limited to:  
  • the local Food Bank; or, 
  • the local Pet Rescue or Humane Society; or, 
  • the local or community Hospice; or,
  • the nearest USO; or, 
  • the local Women’s Shelter.