Oct. 25, 2010 meeting minutes

Minutes for GEAR Post-Rally Meeting at Plemmons RV World on October 25, 2010


Members present: Brownie & Becky Abbot, Jim & B Berwick, Jack & Jackie Burke, Ray & Joyce Burton, Bill & Goldie Clifford, Steven & Gail Epstein, Tom & Frances Fonner, Dave & Diane Friedel, John & Al Gallant, Steve & Gail Hall, Dan & Susan Hebert, Ray & Barbara Holland, Dave & Phyllis Hunter, Dean & Sue Loomis, Boots & Joan Malin, Bill & Dolores Neumann, Arnold & Virginia Page, Nick and Ann Paul, and Shelba & Fred Powell.


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President, Nick Paul.


Old Business

  1. Dean Loomis recapped the May 2010 Rally in Ohio.
  2. Diane Friedel was recognized for her work as Secretary/Treasurer for the last year.
  3. Dave Friedel was introduced as the new webmaster.  The website is:  www.tiffintravelers.info . He stated that it will be a no-frills site that will include links to FMCA and Picassa for pictures.
  4. Dolores Neumann, National Director for Tiffin Travelers, gave her report about the national meeting in Redmond, Washington this past July.  The highlights are:
    1. The budget was approved, but was not balanced.
    2. The terms of the officers were modified.
    3. The FMCA is solvent.
    4. Medex has been cancelled as of 12/31/2010 and will be replaced by FMCA Assist.  The savings in the annual cost was substantial and the benefits have been extended to many extended family members.  All the information about FMCA Assist will be in the December FMCA magazine.  The cards will be in the magazine as well.
    5. Additionally, Dolores reminded us that next August will be the election of the national officers and we will need to decide at the Lancaster Rally in July for whom we want her to vote.
  5. Sue Hebert was recognized for her work with the Chapter Fair at GEAR.
  6. Dolores Neumann was recognized for her work organizing and setting up the Chapter Parade at GEAR.
  7. Steve Hall was recognized for his work on the By-Laws Committee.
  8. Dave & Phyllis Hunter were recognized for their work in hosting this GEAR Post-rally.
  9. The Secretary read the previously distributed minutes from the May 2010 rally.  Ann Paul moved that they be approved and Boots Malin seconded the motion.  They were approved unanimously by the members in attendance.
  10. The Treasurer’s Report was distributed to all.  After discussion and explanations about entries occurred, Steve Hall moved that they be approved.  Bill Neumann seconded the motion and they were unanimously approved by the members in attendance.
  11. Flyers and information about the upcoming two rallies, Charleston in April 2011 and Lancaster in July 2011 was distributed to everyone.  Interest sign ups for both rallies were circulated also.
  12. Questions were posed about scheduling and hosting future rallies.
  13. St. Augustine, FL was suggested by Tom & Frances Fonner for next winter.  They will pursue hosting it.
  14. A Pre-rally or a post-rally for GEAR next year was discussed and it was decided by hand vote that a pre-rally would be preferable.  It would be held prior to GEAR with a break down early enough for the chapter to offer to help at GEAR and go in as a group early.  This idea was highly acceptable to everyone.  We will have to decide what area the group wants to help in next year.  Ray & Barbara Holland will be the wagon-masters for the Pre-rally and will explore possible campsites.
  15. Because we need to plan further ahead we decided to look at rallies for 2012.  Suggestions were made for New Orleans, Kentucky Horse Country, and NW Michigan.  Nick & Ann Paul and Dan & Sue Hebert offered to host a rally in NW Michigan in the summer of 2012.  More information will be forth coming.


New Business

1.      Phyllis & Dave Hunter investigated an embroidery shop in Mt. Airy that has       offered to set-up and embroider our logo on shirts for us.  Bonnie Ford was the chair of that committee at our first meeting a year ago.  Because she was not there the Hunters acted in her stead.  They stated that it would be a charge of about $3.50 to embroider the logo on shirts and there would be a small set-up fee for the first time.  A number of members expressed interest in having it done.

2.      Sue Hebert was selected to be the “Sheriff” at future meetings.  The charge for not wearing your name badge would be $.50/day.  Everyone concurred.

3.      Joyce Burton was selected to be our “Sunshine” committee chair.  She will send out cards for illnesses she is made aware of, as well as birthdays and anniversaries.


With all business concluded, the motion to adjourn was made by Bill Neumann and seconded by Tom Fonner.  Everyone agreed.  The meeting adjourned at 10:20 AM.


Respectfully submitted,


Diane Friedel