030421 Twin Oaks Rally Elko, GA

This page last updated 2/10/2021 - Agenda items updated. A quorum will be present.

Twin Oaks RV Park, Elko GA

March 4, 2021

Three Night Chapter-Member-Only pre-rally in advance of

Perry, GA FMCA International

305 Highway 26 East, Elko, Georgia (MM 127 on I-75, 8 miles south of Perry)

3 rally nights beginning March 4, 2021

Chapter member site rate is $32 per night

Extended stay nights, if available, are at the same rate.

Last day to reserve a site was February 4, 2021 and our rally coach count is set.

Known registrants were emailed 2/5/21. If you didn't receive the 2/5/21 or more recent emails from tiffintravelers, you are not reserved as part of our rally.

The RV Park is no longer holding sites for possible registrations by our members.

If your plans change and you are unable to attend the rally, cancel your site reservation by contacting the RV Park and also notify our chapter by sending an email to tiffintravelers@gmail.com

The previously announced hosts are unable to attend so this will be an un-hosted event unless any members step forward to organize group activities.

Effective immediately and until rescinded by FMCA: " It is now required for every person attending an FMCA event to read and sign the COVID-19 Waiver & Release of Liability Form. This will be true for all chapter rallies, area rallies, and national conventions. If someone attending your rally does not sign the waiver, they are not permitted to attend the event. " Provided here is a link to a sample of the form which we will have printed and available for you to sign upon your arrival at the event:


This location and its date is a perfect setting for our chapter members planning to volunteer at FMCA International in Perry. The departure date of our rally will coincide with several of the early arrival dates needed by FMCA volunteers. Those not planning to volunteer at Perry might want to request additional nights at the park, but availability is minimal.

See bullet items below for comments regarding the agenda.

As of February 2nd, there are no hosts/wagon masters for this event. Unless one or more members step forward to organize group activities, there will be none other than a chapter business meeting workshop. During the remainder of your stay your social activities will be yours to create as you socially-distanced mingle with other chapter members.

We are all eager to come out of the long hibernation which has prevented us from gathering together. We will proceed with caution and due diligence as we monitor conditions leading up to these events. We will adjust as needed and will incorporate safety protocols recommended by those wiser than ourselves. This will be our chapter's first tiptoe into mingling in over a year. These are our baby steps toward rejoining society with an opportunity to see each other from a respectful and two-arms-length safe distance.

  • COVID precautions will result in staging activities in a manner heretofore not seen at our rallies. Masks will be required and activities will be staged outdoors to the extent weather conditions and logic permit. We will have use of the clubhouse during our stay.

  • As of February 10th, there are sufficient number of member coaches reserved to constitute a quorum if there are any votes to be cast during the chapter business meeting and planning workshop.

  • If members organize food related events, there should be none involving food sharing or open-buffet style dining. That doesn't mean we won't eat or socialize. Instead it means that if we snack at socials, snacks will be those you bring for yourself and should not be shared. "Double dip" to your heart's delight in your own bowl, not the bowl of anyone else! And, on-site meals if organized by the attending members, should be presented in the most sterile manner possible - maybe gloved and masked persons plating your food for you.

  • Spring Cleaning Event - Don't be too quick to send all your stuff to the thrift shops or curb now. Instead, pack a few things to bring to the rally for an outdoor Yard Sale session. By all means include any craft and hobby items you might want to sell. All proceeds of the event are yours to keep.

  • Marge Mazzone has offered to conduct a jewelry making class in the clubhouse. The item will be a multi-colored memory wrap bracelet using handmade Fair Trade beads made in Uganda. The cost for the class is $15.00. Signup will be with Marge upon your arrival. Masks and social distancing will be required during the class.

  • If anyone has a corn hole set, well by golly there could be a corn hole tournament if organized by an attending member. Other game suggestions are encouraged and welcome.

  • All attendees are encouraged to organize and submit activity ideas to tiffintravelers@gmail.com