Feb 2015 SEA FMCA Rally Sarasota FL,

This page with important information pertaining to Gathering arrival was updated 1/27/2015.

This Gathering will be coordinated by Frances and Tom Fonner. If you plan to attend the Gathering, you must first have registered for the SEA Rally. As of 1/17/15 we were advised the SEA Rally is fully booked. DRY CAMPING ONLY! -- Call (800) 543-3622 to be put on Wait List

Official FMCA SEA Rally dates are 4 nights beginning Feb. 11, 2015. Arrival as early as Feb. 9th is permitted with an additional fee - $10 per night if you registered for non-electric/generator; or $30 per night if you registered for electric hook-up.

Space is limited and at a premium, therefore SEA organizers are not permitting coaches to move around or hold spaces for "friends who have not yet arrived". Whatever date you arrive, you will be parked in your official and final parking space, whether electric or generator, and you will be charged the additional fee associated to your reservation. (Per Jim Duncan, President SEA)

To park together, our club members must assemble somewhere away from the Fairgrounds and caravan together to the Fairgrounds. There is no Holding Area at the Fairgrounds for staging of groups to enter together. Some of our Gatherers have reserved for electric hook-up, while others have registered for non-electric/generator. We will convene a group of each for those interested in entering the grounds on February 9th (early arrival).

For interested early arrivers, we will stage our two caravans at the Southbound I-75 Rest Area outside Ruskin (MM237). The Gathering caravans will leave the Rest Area promptly at 2:30 p.m. on Monday, February 9th to drive the final 32 miles to the fairgrounds and assume our final parking spots as directed by the FMCA parking team. Click here: TiffinTravelersSign.pdf to print the club name placard for placing in your coach windshield.

For those not arriving early, if Frances knows you are attending, she will attempt communication with you to let you know where the groups have parked at the fairgrounds. Tiffin Travelers are encouraged to seek out each other for parking together, or joining the activities of those of us who have parked together.

If you plan to attend and Gather (park as a group with other Tiffin Travelers) you must email the Fonners at tomfonner@aol.com after you have registered for the SEA Rally. In your email, specify which site option you registered for: electric or non-electric/generator. Also, specify what date you plan to be available to enter the grounds: Feb. 9; or 10th; or 11th. If you do not receive communication from Frances Fonner, she is unaware of your intent to Gather with the Tiffin Travelers. (The Fonners will be out of contact 1/31 until 2/7.)

The Gathering will have afternoon socials while attempting not to conflict with the SEA Rally schedule. We will also make one or more trips into the community for sightseeing, or shopping, or dining.

The link here has Rally information, but is no longer viable to register for the fully booked SEA Rally. To be put on a wait list for dry camping, call (800) 543-3622.