Rallies and Gatherings

Event information on this page was last updated 11/6/21

On a daily basis since last March, the year 2020 evolved into becoming the "year that wasn’t". Health advisories continued to prompt cancellation of the large FMCA and other RV club events our members enjoy attending. Those cancellations reached into the fall calendar and our chapter event calendar suffered accordingly causing cancellation of a spring chapter rally and a fall chapter rally in 2020. We have begun scheduling 2022 and 2023 activities. September 2021 GEAR was COVID-cancelled by the organizers; but we have a December 2021 Chapter Rally and a May 2022 Chapter Rally posted below with event titles shown in green.

What are Tiffin Travelers “Rallies” and “Gatherings”? -

“Rallies” - Tiffin Travelers have chapter member rallies numerous times a year in various locations throughout the eastern third of the country. We go where our members want to go, and our members are spread throughout the vast area near the Mississippi River and everywhere east of it. Our chapter rallies are multi-day events most often organized by Tiffin Travelers members for the enjoyment of our members, prospective members and guests. These chapter rallies are posted in this section of our web site sufficiently in advance of the event to allow time for interested chapter members to register to attend. These rallies usually have group planned outings, dinners and other activities for our members. Preauthorized financial subsidies for chapter rallies are defined within the “Standing Rules” (a separate link on this site).

Our chapter rally calendar has been quite active for several consecutive years. We will have chapter rallies only if our members or other volunteers step forward to organize them. No volunteers equals no rallies. If any member is interested in hosting a rally, it is never too early to set those dates. To schedule and host a chapter rally qualifying for financial subsidies, contact chapter officers by email at tiffintravelers@gmail.com to have your event posted to the web site and to receive assistance as needed with planning and execution.

Our chapter rally schedule is dependent upon our members stepping forward to host and we look forward to you creating a busy calendar. In addition to numerous event Gatherings each year, we enjoyed four chapter rallies in 2018 and another four during 2019. In 2020, two Gatherings were staged prior to the shutdown of activities for the remainder of the year. Fifteen of our member coaches enjoyed a laid-back, non-hosted chapter rally in Elko, GA during early March 2021.

“Gatherings” - It is also common for Tiffin Travelers to meet and glamp "together" at a larger organized event such as an FMCA International Convention or FMCA Area Rally or Allegro Club National Rally. Because of the busy schedule of activities offered by organizers of these larger events, chapter activities are most often limited to the possibility of coach side afternoon social time or a very impromptu small group outing to a local restaurant. However, we see our members in passing throughout each day of these events. Our members often are attendee-volunteers assisting the organizers of these larger events.

The parking "together" at gatherings is tricky due to those very large events offering several different parking venue options for our members (handicap, volunteer, electric, generator, etc.), but we convene for fun regardless of how our coaches might be spread about the grounds.

Preauthorized financial subsidies for Gatherings are defined within the “Standing Rules” and are restricted to only the FMCA events where there would be a reasonable expectation of spurring new member enrollment. Historically, those opportunities have borne fruit only at events in the geographic eastern third of the U.S,

Tiffin owners who would like to be "Roughing It Smoothly" with us are encouraged to come and visit with us wherever we rally or gather.

Prior year Rallies and Gatherings information has been moved from this page to the "Rally Archives" link.

Because we have so many members and friends, we have a friendly rule for all of our events: Wear a name tag to all of our functions or incur a 50cent fine for each infraction. The sheriff is always on the lookout.

Tiffin Travelers events on the drawing board:

Chapter Rally in Red Bay, Alabama - December 7, 2021 through and including December 10th. Information regarding the event can be found on a subpage of this website at December 2021 Red Bay, Alabama and will soon be moved to Rally Archives.

Chapter Rally in Lebanon, Tennessee - May 28, 2022 departing May 31st. The chapter rally immediately follows the INTO Area Rally at the same venue. Information regarding the dual event can be found on a subpage of this website at

052822 Lebanon, TN Chapter Rally

Anyone wanting to schedule and host a rally in 2022 or 2023 can email us now and get your event on our calendar in order to allow chapter member registrations and to qualify to receive financial subsidies. Email us at tiffintravelers@gmail.com. If you don't volunteer to organize a rally, there will be no rallies.

Many, many thanks are extended to the chapter members and non-member friends stepping forward to host our rallies. Check this page and its subpages periodically for event updates.