052822 Lebanon, TN Chapter Rally

Immediately preceded by

052322 INTO Area Rally

This page last updated 06/22/22

An unconfirmed number of our member coaches attended this un-hosted "post rally" event - between 8 and 12 coaches. Attendees organized their fun on-the-go and there was no pre-published agenda. The below pre-event announcement was added to Rally Archives on 6/22/22.





***Due to circumstances beyond their control, the previously announced hosts for the chapter post rally had to cancel their attendance. As of May 2nd no member stepped forward to be the on-site host and scheduler of group activities. Those who have registered for the post-rally dates will have a site. INTO organizers will be parking you together as a group. You will have an indoor room available for use by the group. There is no prepared agenda for the weekend. Chapter attendees will work together to identify and organize group activities. Chapter members known to be registered were emailed the attendees list and pertinent rally info on May 4th. ***

Farm Bureau Expo Center/J.E. Ward Agricultural Center

945 Baddour Parkway, Lebanon TN

INTO Dates are: Monday May 23 arrival to Saturday May 28 “departure”

Chapter Three-Night Post-Rally Begins Saturday, May 28 with departure on May 31

TO ATTEND THE CHAPTER POST-RALLY YOU MUST ALSO REGISTER FOR THE INTO RALLY – No ‘ifs’ ‘ands’ or ‘butskees’ - yep, repeated for emphasis.

Although INTO may not yet have a set deadline to reserve, a May 1st, 2022 deadline was set by our chapter for the purpose of dual and simultaneous registration for INTO and our chapter post-rally. If INTO sets an earlier deadline date, the INTO deadline date becomes the rule.

The INTO rally venue’s camping arrangements are typical of a fairground. There is a mixture of 50-amp and 30-amp sites with the emphasis on 30-amp. If you want a 50-amp site you must register early due to the limited availability. Dilly dally and only 30-amp will be available. There are water connections but you may have to share them and some may be further from your coach than typical in a campground. Bringing a “Y” connection and an extra water hose is a good idea. Sites do not have sewer, but several dump sites are available on the grounds. (During INTO, “honey wagons” might be available for purchase of pump outs. The possibility of this is yet to be determined.) The Tiffin Travelers chapter has no control over your site selection, site fees, site hookups or site location.

Although INTO does not begin until May 23rd, early arrival is permitted for May 22nd with payment to INTO for the additional night and appropriate indication on the registration form.

Instructions for INTO and Post-Rally Registration:

  • Click on the below "On The Road to Lebanon" document to open it in a new screen for reading and printing.

  • Print the INTO registration form and follow the instructions to complete the form and mail it to INTO with your registration check payable to INTO.

  • If also attending the chapter post-rally (to begin May 28th), the form’s line labeled “Late departure” is where you indicate the additional “3” nights for payment of the associated site fee for our chapter rally.

  • In the blank area of the form to the right of “TOTAL” legibly and boldly print: “Tiffin Travelers Post Rally”

  • Example of fee calculation: If registering for two adults in one coach to attend the early arrival night, and 5-night-INTO and the 3-night post-rally on a 50-amp site you would write a check for $420.


  • If you are registering for the chapter post-rally, send an email to tiffintravelers@gmail.com to advise you have registered for our chapter rally and INTO. Indicate your arrival and departure date. If you don’t send the email to us, those of us in the chapter who are not psychics will have no knowledge of your plan to attend the chapter rally, we will not have you included in headcounts, and we will not know to include you when we email rally updates closer to and during the event. You will receive from tiffintravelers@gmail.com an email acknowledgement that we are aware of your plans to attend.

  • If your plans change, email us of your change.

  • If you want to attend the chapter post-rally but have already submitted your INTO registration without payment of the additional fee for staying on additional nights, you must remit to INTO the additional funds required by them for the additional nights.

    • Include with your check a brief note sufficiently identifying yourself and your contact information and stating that you have submitted the additional funds for the purpose of attending the 5/28/22 Tiffin Travelers Chapter post-rally.

You do not have to attend the chapter post-rally in order to stay through the holiday, but if you are staying on to attend the chapter rally, the chapter needs to know.

Because Chapters are vital to the success of FMCA, INTO has offered Chapters the opportunity to hold their respective post-rallies. The Tiffin Travelers Chapter post-rally begin date is Saturday, May 28th with a Tuesday, May 31st departure from the grounds. This will give our chapter three days to schedule our own events and chapter-level mingle time after the busy schedule of INTO. And, by attending the chapter rally you will not be having to search for an RV site during the kickoff-to-summer-season holiday weekend. Bonus!

Absent of a member volunteering to spearhead the chapter's event scheduled to begin May 28th there is no agenda for the chapter post-rally. Attending members will be free to schedule their time as suits them.

The INTO Area Rally officially opens the evening of Monday, May 23rd and ends Saturday morning, May 28th. The INTO rally includes: 5 Nights Camping, Hot Dog Bash, Dance Party, Ice Cream Social, Vendors, 2 days Coffee & Donuts, Seminars, FMCA Benefits Update, Chapter Fair, 2 Nights Entertainment, Catered Breakfast, $ Ladies Tea, Pet Parade, Chapter Evening, Card Bingo, INTO Membership Meeting, BBQ Contest, Picnic, Craft & Yard Sale and more.

Contact Info -

As pertains to the Tiffin Travelers Chapter Post-Rally for any rally questions or chapter issues up to and including the May 22nd INTO early arrival date:

Frances Fonner, chapter President, via email to tiffintravelers@gmail.com,

As pertains to the INTO Rally until its end on May 28th:

INTO Rally Master: Bob Weithofer bob2w@hotmail.com, (615) 218-7530

On May 4th known rally registrants received an email update from Tiffin Travelers with an attendees list and contact information for their use in finding each other while on-site.

Cancellations/refunds: INTO and all site registration cancellation requests must be received by INTO no later than April 22, 2022. Refund requests will be processed by INTO within 30 days of receipt and are subject to a non-refundable $25.00 handling fee. If cancelling any portion of the chapter post-rally, also notify tiffintravelers@gmail.com.

From the offices of FMCA, effective March 4, 2022 -

An inherent risk of COVID-19 exposure exists in any public place where people gather. By attending FMCA events you understand and assume all risk related to COVID-19 exposure. FMCA, its staff, officers, volunteers, members, exhibitors, service providers, and grounds personnel are not liable for any illness, injury, or death from COVID-19 related to your participation at this event.

INTO 2022 Registration App.pdf