120721 Red Bay, AL Chapter Rally

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Rally Hosts and Organizers: Kevin and Catalina Schafer. Kevin is our new chapter VP !!!

Target Activity Dates: December 7, 2021 through and including December 10th

The proposed agenda appears below and has been emailed to all known registrants. If you didn't receive the 11/6/21 email of the agenda, we don't know you are coming.

Kevin and Catalina will be staying at Red Bay Acres, arriving on the 6th, and are extending an opportunity to meet and socialize with other members of Tiffin Travelers.

All registrants thus far have reserved at Red Bay Acres. If there is no availability for you at Red Bay Acres, a link at the bottom of this page will connect you with information for that resort and 14 other suggestions presented to you by Tiffin Motorhomes. Act now and you might get lucky to get a site at Red Bay Acres.

This event is unlike all our previous chapter rallies in that to participate in activities you will not be expected to be in the same RV park as the hosts. And, DON'T mention "tiffin travelers rally" because we aren't listed as a rally at any of the RV parks in the area. We all know Red Bay is a busy place, but the area has several locations for setting up your coach and the locations are only a few miles apart from furthest east to west and north to south. Make your reservations now to be somewhere in Red Bay during the event dates in order to be included in whatever activities are scheduled by Kevin and Catalina.

Make your travel plans first, then send an email to tiffintravelers@gmail.com advising of your arrival and departure dates and your reserved RV park destination. Our crystal ball is broken, our psychic abilities are on the fritz, and we can't include you in activities if we don't know you are coming. Regardless of where you stay during the week, you too can be included in the social activities organized by Kevin and Catalina only if we know you are coming to Red Bay during the target dates.

Red Bay Acres

996 9th St W, Red Bay, AL 35582


855-4REDBAY. (1-855-473-3229)

15 Best-Rated RV Parks Near Red Bay, Alabama | Tiffin Motorhomes

For trip planning purposes, and subject to modifications, the tentative agenda appears below. The weather is always a variable and iffy for coachside afternoon socials. No socials are shown on the agenda, but attendees should have munchies and personal beverages in the pantry just in case the whim hits to gather together one or more afternoons for socializing. Our members very seldom pass on the whim and opportunity to socialize. All attendees are encouraged to offer suggestions for group activities during their on-site stay.

It is probable that a number of the attendees will be in Red Bay for the purposes of coach work. The rally hosts are putting together an ideal agenda providing opportunities for together-time as a group, but not packing the schedule to conflict too much with the maintenance tasks to be tended to during the week. A loose and carefree rally week like this is preferred by many as the option future hosts should consider when they step forward for a turn at hosting - easier on the hosts and easier on the attendees. The most important aspect of a chapter rally is the opportunity to gather together with friends from afar.

Many thanks again to hosts Kevin and Catalina. Also, thanks are extended to chapter member and Tiffin Allegro Club President, Sally Moore, for her assists to Kevin via rendering of on-the-ground knowledge of Red Bay.

Periodically check back here for updates prior to the rally.

Proposed rally schedule……activities and times subject to change!

Monday, December 6th:

6:00 p.m. - Christmas Parade on 4th Avenue (Main Street)-Park on 5th Avenue & walk to 4th Ave

Tuesday, December 7th:

8:00 am – meet Bob Tiffin for coffee at the Tiffin Hospitality Center

9:00 am – Tiffin manufacturing tour in Red Bay, meet at Welcome Center

11:00 am – finish tour and lunch on your own

1:30 pm – Red Bay Museum tour - $5 each

Wednesday, December 8th:

10:00 am – Tiffin paint shop tour in Belmont

11:00 am – lunch at Sparks Drive-Inn in Belmont, cafeteria style meal all inclusive for $10 a plate

12:30 pm – Visit the Tiffin Allegro Club Adjacent to Tiffin Service Center

6:00 pm – meet at Belmont Hometown Pizza for Dutch treat dinner in enclosed patio area

Thursday, December 9th:

9:00 am – drive to Coon Dog Cemetery for tour – no charge

Friday, December 10th:

No activities planned for this last day

Rally Attendees:

Schafer, Kevin and Catalina

LaBarre, Rusty and Combee, Janet

Grigsby, Tommy

Weller, Phil and Ross, Heidi

McIlwain, Randall and Nancy

Posey, Megan

Bretzke, Richard and Linda

Campbell, Jimmy

Higbee, Ernie and Debbie

Breeding, David and Marie

Moore, Sally

At the request of the rally hosts, the chapter donated $200 to First United Methodist Church of Red Bay, AL