February Florida Balloon Festival

This page last updated 3/3/20

The below described event was attended by more than 16 members coaches spread throughout the various parking venues at the event. Because of breezy and cool temperatures, no afternoon coach side socials were organized. However, blue skies afforded opportunities for members to enjoy the vendors, live music and food sales every day. Members got out and about on their own to socialize with each other at their leisure. A warmer Sunday allowed for morning and afternoon flyouts of the balloons and the daily blue skies provided mild sunburns for those sitting out to enjoy it all during a weekend in the Florida sunshine.



Sun 'n Fun Expo Campus, Lakeland, Florida

Feb. 28, 29, & March 1, 2020

Early bird discount was available for reservations made prior to September 30, 2019

Registration is directly with the EVENT



Up Up and Away Florida Hot Air Balloon Festival Balloon Launch

You are invited to join other Tiffin Travelers for a Balloon Festival Event in Lakeland, Florida.

Event organizers extended a limited time offer to members of the Tiffin Travelers Chapter of FMCA to register for and attend this event, and have included a special discount code good until September 30th for our exclusive use. After that date, sites may still be available, but without a discount. Nevertheless, use the code when registering to be recorded as part of our group.

We are sharing this invitation with all chapter members. We will have no specific activities or involvement related to the chapter, other than our probable coach-side socials and outings the attendees might organize collectively once we've assembled on site. The event promises to be fun and awe without our having to labor on its behalf, therefore it will be considered a "Chapter Gathering", not a "Chapter Rally". Food service will be offered by the venue's food trucks. The chapter has no official role in this event other than to share the invitation with our membership and to enjoy the fun along with other motorhome owners and rv clubs who will be attending.

Arrival is set for Friday the 28th, 8:00–12:00, but you can select at registration to come in on Thursday afternoon if you so desire. The chapter president is arriving Thursday. Activities begin on Friday after noon. Saturday & Sunday feature both morning and evening events as well as tethered rides during the day. Departure is slated for Monday morning March 2nd.

To read about the event click this link: Up Up and Away Florida

Once on the event's web page, you will find info on numerous topics pertaining to the event, its offerings, and its tentative schedule of activities. On the left side of the page is a link to "Camping". It will take you to a web page with a pink link to "click to purchase rv or tent camping.....". Or, you can click on the registration link found at the bottom of this email. Once you've made your registration selection, you click to "add to cart", and it will go to the page for you to enter the Tiffin2020 discount code for hookup sites and make your payment. The discount offer was set to expire September 30th and DID NOT apply to dry camping options. Even though the discount may not be applicable, used the code to be recorded as part of our group for parking purposes.

FYI, when selecting any of the multiple night hookup options, enter the number "1" to get one coach site with two grounds pass wristbands. If you need more than two grounds pass wristbands (because you have more than 2 people in a coach), you would enter the number of additional (over and above the 2 included) "Admit One" passes needed at $20 each.

For those wanting dry camping options, no discount applies. You request the number of "Admit One" passes needed. Then, based upon your date-of-stay preferences, you enter a max of "2" in the $60 per night box for Dry Camping to get a dry site on Friday and/or Saturday. And, if you want to arrive on Thursday and/or stay on Sunday, you enter a max of "2" in the $28 per night box labeled as Early Dry Camping. Example for a two-person dry camping site for 4 nights is: 2 x $20; plus 2 x $60; plus 2 x $28 = $216 for two people in dry camping for 4 nights.

The GPS Address for Camper Registration Entrance is: 4400 Rocky Road, Lakeland, FL 33811. This is off Medulla Road at the Sun n Fun Expo Campus.

After completing your registration for the event, send us an email at tiffintravelers@gmail.com. We want to know you will be there so we can connect with our members for socializing opportunities.

We look forward to seeing you and socializing with you at the event.

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