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Welcome to the Tiffin Travelers Chapter of FMCA

Who we are - Our chapter of FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) is a non-profit social group of people who own Tiffin brand motorhomes (Class A and C models). Membership is easy: own a Tiffin-made motorhome; and, be a member of FMCA; and, pay a nominal annual member fee to our chapter. We've been "Roughing It Smoothly" since 2009 and have more than 120 member coaches spread throughout much of eastern North America. We're looking forward to meeting you at our next Tiffin Travelers rally or gathering!

What we do - What we do, when we do it, and where we do it are each limited only by the creativity, wanderlust and participation of our members. Our members are most often the volunteer-and-unpaid organizers and hosts of our events, but we won’t turn down the offer of a non-member putting forth the effort to organize our fun. Our fun events are known to us either as a “Chapter Rally” or a “Gathering”. The small difference between the two is defined on the “Rallies and Gatherings” page of this website. The nationwide impacts of Coronavirus significantly impacted our opportunities to convene during 2020 and 2021. We are now just barely beginning to crawl out of our long sleep without chapter activities. We encourage our members to step forward to organize future events. No volunteer hosts equals no chapter events.

How to reach us - You can contact us via email at tiffintravelers@gmail.com Before doing so, take a look around the information on our web site. We think we have covered anything you might need to know about us or want to know about us either on this page or within the site's document attachments or page links.

How we communicate to our members – We do not use the postal mail for communications. We use only this web site (tiffintravelers.info) and infrequent emails (tiffintravelers@gmail.com) to keep our members laser focused on the most recent chapter news in a singular source – this web site. In every Newsletter we stress to members the importance of periodically checking this web site for updates (see web page revision dates below). If a member doesn’t check this web site periodically, they will not stay up to date. We do not use other social media forums because of the inherent challenges of keeping official information up-to-date and in synch across multiple outlets. We periodically post a chapter Newsletter on this web site. Our members can refer to the web site for old communications because we archive the Newsletters and also the records of our Rallies and Gatherings.

We are very conscious of member concerns regarding privacy and do not publish our roster on the internet. At least once annually, usually near mid-year, we email the member roster to all members. A full member roster was last emailed to all members June 13,2021. Because this is done only once annually, members should keep a copy until the next annual distribution. New members added after roster distribution will receive the next scheduled roster distribution.

How we give back – Our current means of giving back to society is through donations to a certain set of charities defined within the “Standing Rules” page of this website.

When we do – We have no set frequency for our Chapter Rally or Gathering events and we encourage our members to step forward to host throughout the year when they see an opportunity that works into their travel schedule. Often the best locations are those found by a member during their travels, not while staying near their home, and those locations are worthy of a return trip with chapter members. Our version of a planning calendar is the “Rallies and Gatherings” pages of this web site. If we are doing it, you will see it there. If we are not doing it, you won’t see it there.

Where we do – Our Chapter Rally and Gathering locations are dependent only upon the suggestions and participation of our members. Our membership is predominately in the vast area east of the Mississippi River, from Canada to Key West, but we do have a few members outside of that large area. Maintaining membership in such a large area has required we focus our efforts in the eastern portion of the U.S. with rare ventures that take us just west of the Mississippi. We have held our chapter Rallies in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Florida...just to name a few locations. Some of our Gatherings have been in North Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts during FMCA International Conventions and FMCA Area Rallies and Allegro Club National Rallies. Remember, often the best locations are those found by a member during their travels, not while staying near their home, and those locations are worthy of a return trip with chapter members (but some of us do live in wonderful places to bring friends to). If you want to rally or gather with other chapter members somewhere near your home base or somewhere much further from your home, name the spot and we'll help you plan it. We have members with lots of experience doing long-distance event planning.

How to join our fun - Although our chapter is currently open to new members, potential new members may want to delay joining until we resume chapter activities. Enrollment fees are not refunded. Potential new members may want to periodically check our "Rallies and Gatherings" pages and enroll as a member when activities of interest are posted. To view and print our "Member Enrollment" form, scan to the bottom of this page. The initial enrollment fee of $22 includes the first year of dues. Annual renewals are $12. We accept checks (payable to Tiffin Travelers) or cash (if paying in person).

Regarding annual dues - As a result of too few chapter events being scheduled by our members, the Executive Board of Tiffin Travelers announced that 2022 dues would not be collected from any member in good standing as of 12/1/21. All qualifying members were advised of this "2022 dues forgiveness" via an email sent Dec. 2021.

The member year expires at month-end December. Under normal operating procedures, dues renewals are payable annually on January 1st. The customary billing process will resume near year-end 2022 only if members begin to organize chapter activities (rallies). Once billing processes resume, timely remittance is encouraged for the purpose of avoiding additional follow-up billing reminder notices. Any members unpaid by March month-end, the end of a normal annual billing cycle, will be dropped from the roster and all future communications. New members joining September 1st through December 31st of each year are considered "paid" for the remainder of that current calendar year and all of the coming calendar year. The first clue to member dues status: If you receive any emails from tiffintravelers@gmail.com, then you are paid up through year-end (unless said email is a billing notice).

Our governance - Our Chapter Bylaws and Standing Rules can be found by links found in the site's dropdown menu. The Standing Rules, voted into action by our members during annual business meetings, outline and pre-authorize allowable expenditures from the Chapter Treasury. The focus of the preauthorized expenses is to conduct ongoing and reoccurring business; reward participating members; and, to stimulate new membership. The Chapter Treasury consists of funds collected from enrollment and dues payments of chapter members. Those funds are disbursed in accordance with Standing Rules to best spread their use for the benefit of the many members who created them. The preauthorized expenses are considered partial compensation and assist our goals of the related activities: being less expensive for participating members; stimulating new membership via social opportunities; and, not being money makers for the chapter, the participants, or the hosts. For a chapter "rally" to qualify for subsidies it must be advertised in advance on our website to allow our full membership an opportunity to consider attending. Subsidies for chapter "gatherings" are more restrictive and are limited to only certain FMCA events.

To aid our members in being up to date on chapter happenings: If we are doing it, it can be found on this web site. Our version of a planning calendar is our "Rallies and Gatherings" pages of this web site. Pages found using links found on the site's dropdown menu were last updated as indicated here. If you see a link noted here as "last updated" since you last looked, click now on that link (found in the site's dropdown menu).

When we migrated last year to a newer version of Google Sites, the site format changed slightly and a few pics and rally archive documents were lost in the process.

Newsletters - Last updated 06/28/21 (June 2021 Newsletter posted)

Rallies and Gatherings - Last updated 11/6/21

Meeting Minutes - Last updated 7/3/21 (March 5, 2021 Minutes posted)

Chapter Bylaws - Last updated 3/17/16 (Revised Bylaws)

Standing Rules - Last updated 2/6/19

Rally Archives and Rally Guide - Last updated 4/29/21 (March 2021 rally moved to here)

Factory Recalls - Last updated 7/6/21

Tiffin Travelers Names Badges and Clothing - Last updated 1/31/20 (name tag vendor added)

Club pictures - Last updated 10/18/20 (Only a few pics remain after loss during site migration)

Club Officers Elected June 8, 2021 and serving through May 2023 are:

President - Frances Fonner, F372164, (904) 825-8624, tiffintravelers@gmail.com

Vice President - Kevin Schafer, F479558

Secretary - Carol Mandik, F394143

Treasurer - Frances Fonner, F372164

National Director - Marge Mazzone, F217160

Alternate National Director - John "Boots" Malin, F396392

Member Enrollment Form - Tiffin Travelers Chapter of FMCA.pdf

MEMBER ENROLLMENT FORM - To the left is a pdf formatted version of the Member Enrollment form. Click in the upper right corner of it for an active link to a printable copy.

If you prefer to print from a Word doc format, use the image below by clicking in the upper right corner of it for an active link to a printable copy.

Member Enrollment Form - Tiffin Travelers Chapter of FMCA.doc